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Helping Families Cope – Alzheimer’s Care: Practical Tips

During the early months or years, individuals with dementia are aware of their metal impairment. They usually respond to their memory problems in a way that is typical of their personality. Some are passive and resigned to their fate; some are angry and abrasive; but almost all are depressed with low self-esteem.

As the disease progresses, individuals with Alzheimer’s become more clinging and dependent and lose the ability to do the things they once enjoyed. As a family caregiver, your loved one’s behavior may shock or bewilder you. You may be anxious and searching for ways to cope. Following are some suggestions to use with you loved one when daily tasks that were once automatic become difficult and result in frustration, fear, agitation and even aggression.

  • Limit choices – Having fewer options makes deciding easier. Whether it is laying out clothes for dressing or choosing between coffee or tea, it is important to limit choices for easier decision-making. Reducing distractions also helps a person with Alzheimer’s disease focus on one thing at a time.
  • Involve your loved one as much as possible – Set up successful accomplishments each day that allow your loved one to do tasks he or she is still able to do. This may require some cueing, prompting and patience. For example, you can place an electric razor or a hairbrush in your loved one’s hand and use verbal cues such as “shave your face,” or “brush your hair.”
  • Allow more time – Keep in mind that everything takes more time when your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease. Providing simple one-step instructions and allowing more time to perform a task may be necessary.
  • Plan your loved one’s schedule wisely – Determine what time of the day your loved one functions the best and is the most agreeable. Schedule the most difficult tasks – such as bathing or doctor’s appointments – during this time period.
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